Dodge Challenger Demon v Porsche 911 Turbo S - DRAG RACE

Objavljeno 13. feb. 2021
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It’s time for an almighty USA vs Germany drag race!
Mat’s in the absolutely huge Dodge Challenge Demon, and he’s lining up against Yianni in the Porsche 911 Turbo S!
When you compare them on paper, it looks like the Dodge has it in the bag. With a humungous 6.2-litre supercharged V8 under its massive bonnet, the Challenge Demon can put down 808hp and 972Nm! As a result, it seemingly dwarfs the 911 Turbo S, which has a 3.8-litre twin-turbo flat-six, which can produce 650hp & 800Nm.
But of course, this isn’t the first time we’ve driven a Porsche 911 Turbo S on this channel, and we know you’re pretty much guaranteed a 1/4 mile time of less than 10.5 seconds!
So how do you think this will play out? Will the Dodge be able to put its power down? Or is the Porsche set to grab another victory?
You’ll have to keep watching to find out!
Thanks to CS Panda for lending us the Dodge -
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  • Hi Mat here. So I've ordered a car which will beat both of these in a drag race... Can you guess what it is?

  • Camera on each side of the ride showing a side view of the car when it launches

  • Buddy can’t handle American muscle 😂 hahahahha... someone else should have drove it at least.

  • Matt doesn’t know how to launch the demon properly

  • Btw demons are meant for prepped drag races. I know it sounds like an excuse but I’m being serious they have to be on the right road. Idk if it will still win tho. If you changed the tires and used normal street tires you’d have a better chance

  • Youbbuy Porsche and it sounds like a vacuum cleaner. So lame.

  • Awd vs rwd nice

  • These guys know hot DRAG out a video to get that SLnumber minute money 😐

  • spinning aint wining

  • Bro you really suck on Drag Races, I'm sorry but its true, just watch a few videos of you drag racing and you'll see.

  • Ahhhh by the way whats the cost on that Porsche????

  • مشكلة الأمريكي يحفر يعني المفروض القومه اقل شي من 80km وفوق

  • well,,,it smokes better to impress the crowd around

  • You should race the 911 (992) turbo s vs a 765 LT.

  • this channel boot licks porsche way too much. ALWAYS racing an AWD porsche against RWD cars on a horrible surface that is often even wet, like ti is here, then declares the AWD car the winner. lol. They actually believe the AWD car is the faster car.

  • Demon is only good on a prepped drag strip

  • Please dont buy Dodge Car brands im an American and i Approve this Message. Such a shame, they should've called it Dodge Angel not a Demon. but it makes a lot of sense 80k Dodge Demon vs 200k Porsche.

  • Of course porche.

  • Why u always losing 📉

  • This comment section damn near gave me a stroke. The Porsche was in it's environment and it's all wheel drive. The demon is not made for racing on a street just like the Cobra jet and the COPO Camaro. What bothers me is you showed a rolling race where the demon got a decent start and it stayed out ahead until it hit the limiter. I don't even like Dodge but that right there showed me all I needed to know. Traction was the problem.

  • Nobody: Absolutely Nobody: Not even a Single Soul: Dodge: 800hp in a brick go brrrrrr.

  • American cars be like: "BIG MOTOR GO FAST!!"

  • Please race a Koenigsegg agera rs against the 911 turbo S

  • Bro you kinda warmed up the tires a lil too much on the demon

  • Challenger 😍👌💪

  • No doubt the Porsche is on another planet when it comes to the launch control against a Dodge Charger but the cut to the vacuum cleaner 🤣🤣😂😂

  • #ThereIsNoSubstitute

  • no sabe manejar a un demon, mucha tecnologia para el.

  • where you got dodge demon

  • Why is it always somebody driving the Demon that doesn't know how to dragrace

  • Wonder if someone was to convert the demon to awd....

  • #Dodgeleftthechat

  • Just don’t know how to drive smh

  • so the rumors of american car keep spinning are real !! HAHAHAHAHAAHAHA

  • Dodge looks better.

  • I've never been a Porsche guy but I watched probably a hundred hot passenger rides at Alford and the Porsche just wasted a whole heap of supercars including Mclarens, Caterhams and Ferraris. It just carried on performing for two hours while all the others had to drop out to cool clutches and fanny around. Very impressive and a true everyday driveable supercar.

  • OMG. This Guy in DEMON - learn to drive, this car is faster than AVENTADOR. Watch the TopGear, at least they can use LaunchControl.

  • That dodge is terribly unbalanced, so what you got all the power? you got no traction!!

  • 8:05 f.....

  • Get someone who can really "drive" a demon

  • No way that demon was topping out at 392 charger has hit 184. And it’s not even faster then a hellcat. In a roll race that Porsche is not beating a demon lmao he wasn’t driving that car right.....still love the Porsche tho 🤷‍♂️

  • That hellcat has so nice whine

  • Death trap

  • 4:37 : Gretta Thunberg: ,,TRIGGERED"

  • That vacum😂

  • You don’t know how to use that demon su

  • You just ain't know how to run that demon, you totally totally insulted him....that beast can really smoke that kitty out

  • Demon tops around 160 but it’s the limiter it call definitely hit 200

  • Американское говно vs лучшего Авто для трека

  • Please learn how to drive muscle cars before submitting a legitimate test smfh.

  • mat you are totally blowing the dodge go to drag strip

  • People who can actually drive have much different results

  • that's a dodge

  • As much as I love the 911 (I have owned three), a driver with any amount of skill and knowledge of the Demon whatsoever can and WILL absolutely mop the floor with the it. There's a reason its the world's fastest production vehicle in the quarter mile and people are consistently pulling mid to high nine second passes.

  • This dude has no idea how to drive this car so I'm not surprised at all how that ended the guy can't drive worth a shit put a different driver in it and watch what happens

  • Drag race the doge on 3rd gear from satrt!

  • The reson the dodge lost was because of the wet ser face

  • AWD vs RWD never be fair

  • imagine if they actually used launch control in the demon.. it literally does wheelies.. Mat, you need to learn how to drive the cars. Maybe get a professional or something?

  • The fragile guitar bacteriologically glow because offence analytically hammer despite a necessary albatross. workable, sneaky cheque

  • Now for further embarrassment, lets take it to the track and not a oval like most Americans are used to. Real twist and turns. I'm almost thinking a stock 911S would take that Challenger. All straight line power with no ability to put it down. As an American, I always preferred European and Asian cars to American since the 80's and this is why. Yahhoooo!

  • That Trump edit at 2:00 killed me. 😂

  • So then what exactly happened? Duhhhhhhhhhhhh the Demon is total garbage 🗑

  • That demon, what a piece of chaotic-junk it is

  • When i was a kid i thought a car who has greater horse power is the fastest hahaha.

  • AS always a lot of English bla bla bla A lot of bulshit,a less of race.

  • Porsche stays king


  • Ah so that's where the extra money went.

  • American muscle is a joke. Now days they try to look like imports 😂😂.

    • the Dodge is a perfect car, huge engine, a lot of power, very difficult to drive and perfect, if it was also with manual gearbox and without electronic controls it was even better, the porsche and the other supercars are too perfect, made for the rich, who just want to push a button and the car does everything for them without the slightest effort

  • I mean I like some of their cars but a yoghurt could of grown more cultures since America declared independence

  • The title of the video should have called "RIP CS PANDA"

  • Sorry but u dont deserve The Demon.

  • دودج🐄 بورش🚀

  • He said “Your racing the ultimate” he ain’t lying.

  • Genuine question because I’m new to cars. What’s the point of all that power If you can’t effectively launch the thing.

  • The Dodge will never launch well on tarmac period 😕

  • Americna Cars buehehe, buehhee hehe he he Ha Ha Ha. Trash and not cars.

  • if the challenger was all wheel drive i bet it would have won

    • @Yumenga uhh ok, and thanks for the like m8 :D

    • And if the 911 was a Chiron it would beat the AWD Demon. We can play this fantasy game all day.

  • Matt needs to learn to launch the demon properly, here is video that will help 🔥

  • Fake

  • The problem is the one who drive the dodge doesn’t know shit

  • Americans can't build cars. water is wet.

    • @theo juan what's that got to do with anything? Texans can't build cars either.

    • not all the world is like Texas ahahahah :D

  • He doesn’t know how to use the dodge 🤦🏽‍♂️👎🏽

  • What is a Porsch'? 🤠😉

  • put the two on a actual drag strip

  • Demon 10 times better

  • Power is nothing without control....😉

  • Porsche Turbo, obertittenaffengeil 👍🏻

  • All that power and you can’t even use it.

  • Walks away even on a roll. What a monster.

  • D day colorised

  • 5:49 save ur time

  • This might be the reason why I love Porsche 911

  • why is it always wet in the UK?

  • Matt do the same race just with a hellcat redeye instead 🙂

  • American engineering at its best.

  • Додж демон 👍👍👍👍

  • Hi carwow go review illyrian pure sport is new super car by albania havent 850hp with 375kmh top speed

  • The demon was just spinning